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Welcome to Amur Bay Health Resort! Established in 1958 and included in the top five leaders among Russian health resorts, Amur Bay has been restoring health in people for more than 50 years, and has gained well-deserved fame and respect. Located in a health resort area of Vladivostok, Amur Bay invitingly branches its buildings in a relict tree park on the Amur Bay shore. The health resort comprises a separate therapeutic and administrative building, as well as three bedroom buildings connected to a dining room and a concert hall with a warm passage gallery and an interior garden, which is quite comfortable on rainy and frosty days. True professionalism, friendliness and care displayed by our staff, and a high service level will help you to restore your health, relax and boost your energy and good mood. Currently, the resort is ready to receive and accommodate 366 guests. You can visit Amur Bay Health Resort for both treatment and rest. Children accompanied by adults are accommodated only for vacation purposes but they can undergo systemic health-promoting procedures at your discretion for an additional fee. Children of up to 3 year old are accommodated free of charge, and children over 3 year old are given a discount.

Nutrition is one of the most important tasks for us. It differs fundamentally from any other mysteries of nature. Nutrition is a crucial physiological need of human body. People need food for the construction and continuous renewal of cells and tissues, the flow of energy, and compensation of metabolic costs of human body. The purpose of such nutrition is to facilitate health resort treatment of certain diseases and avoid causing exacerbation of coexistent diseases. Meals at Amur Bay Health Resort are an important part of spa treatment. A properly balanced meal in itself is a therapeutic factor that enhances the effect of recovery. Alongside this, recommendations of attending physicians and individual preferences of each patient are also taken into account when developing a menu. We offer 4 meals a day in one shift: breakfast, lunch, dinner and a second dinner consisting of kefir and bakery.

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