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Bischofite spa


Bischofite is a natural source of magnesium and a wide range of other microelements that are vital for the unimpaired functioning of our cells, organs and body systems. Its components are absorbed by skin almost instantaneously, and are put into body functioning at once. Manipulations with bischofite have a number of useful properties for our body. They influence our bodies as follows:

• Counterbalance activation and inhibition in the cerebral cortex;

• Reduce inflammation and pain;

• Activate the processes of repair and regeneration in cells;

• Stimulate the immune system;

• Improve blood flow in the blood vessels of the brain, heart, and limbs;

• Normalize blood pressure;

• Improve the condition of the skin by toning it up, making it more elastic, helping to smooth out wrinkles;

• Strengthen hair and nails;

• Improve metabolic processes in problem areas of female bodies by preventing the development of cellulite.

Patients who underwent bischofite treatment note reduced headaches and joint pains, improved state of mind, better fitness for working. They become less irritable and calmer, and enjoy their lives. It is due to healing properties of this mineral that it is nowadays successfully used in medicine and cosmetology.

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