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This medicine discipline deals with the study of the effects caused by natural and artificially created physical factors to the human body. Many of such factors are employed by doctors to prevent and treat pathologies of various organs and body systems. The development of physiotherapy, keeping abreast with medicine, has already undergone a number of historical stages, and nowadays its rates are even more rapid. The key directions of physiotherapeutic methods application are as follows:

Therapeutic effect. Physiotherapy particularly presents good results at the stage of recovery, recuperation and rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation effect. Some physiotherapy methods are used at all stages of treatment and subsequent recovery. In patients having neurological pathologies, as well as musculoskeletal system diseases, the use of physical factors is a core element in rehabilitation strategy.

Preventive effect. Health improvement methods and strategies of increasing tolerance to various infectious diseases and other conditions are based on physiotherapy.

Diagnostic effect. Methods that were used only as treatment also laid the foundation for such diagnostic methods as X-ray diagnostics, ultrasound diagnostics, etc.

We practice different physiotherapy methods. Sinusoidal modulated current therapy This procedure helps to activate the body's spare capacities, improve the immune system, shorten a treatment duration and give a boost to vital biochemical processes which results in rapid healing of inflammation and wounds.

Laser therapy is a treatment method by using a directed light flow - a laser beam. It is actively employed as a physiotherapy method to treat a variety of diseases. Indications for its use include pathological conditions of any body organs. Laser therapy in general has antiallergic, analgetic, regenerative, immunostimulating and other therapeutic effects.

Magnetotherapy involves the magnetic field influencing human tissue cells and body fluids to treat a number of pathologies. Magnetotherapy is most often prescribed for treating joints, fractures, osteochondritis. It is also used in gynecology to arrest pain, as well as for reabsorbing and anti-inflammatory effects in case of endometritis, myoma, endometriosis, prostatitis.

Amplipulse therapy is a common method used to treat various diseases, primarily joint diseases. This physiotherapy method has a positive effect on the body due to the ability of sinusoidal modulated currents to have an electrostimulation effect on biological tissues. These and other methods are practiced in our health resort.

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