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Peloid is the most efficient means of affecting human body. Nowadays, this fact is a common knowledge for everyone. Fortunately, nature has gifted Primorskiy Region with such a valuable resource. ПPelotherapy (mud therapy) is a method of thermotherapy with applying mud of mineral and organic origin, which has proved to be one of the most effective methods in the rehabilitation and treatment of many diseases. Microelements, salts, vitamins, hormone-like substances, organic compounds and biogenic stimulants contained in peloids are most powerful physiological stimuli for skin nerve endings. They have a profound antimicrobial effect. It is no surprise that peloid is considered a natural antibiotic. Therapeutic mud stimulates metabolism, promotes inflammation resorption, accelerates rehabilitation period. It is widely used in cosmetology, and has a general health effect on human body. Nowadays, scientists from a number of countries have come to the conclusion that peloids should be considered natural remedies. Moreover, in most cases, not only are they as effective as conventional drugs, but they also outperform them in a number of ways.

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