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Pine baths


Water gives you energy and relieves fatigue. With pine needles in it, it can provide for a healing effect on the body. Therapeutic baths are prescribed for a variety of diseases. These procedures stimulate the functioning of many vital organs. Pine bath perfectly soothes the nervous system, relieves fatigue, and stimulates the heart. In addition, such procedures have an excellent effect on the skin by smoothing it, increasing its tone and softening skin cover. Active pine needles ingredients Therapeutic properties of a salt bath stem from its rich composition. Pine needles contain the following substances: Microelements. Pine needles are rich in microparticles of copper, iron and cobalt. Such components provide for the improvement of the skin condition, and have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the blood-vascular system and musculoskeletal system. The plant component is rich in carotene and folic acid. In addition, pine needles contain a large amount of vitamin K and vitamin E, as well as B vitamins. The said components contribute to facilitated metabolism, stimulate regeneration processes, and provide for rejuvenation. Besides, they improve blood flow and heart rate. Pine needles are an abundant source of phytoncides. It contains many substances with bactericidal and antibacterial properties. Essential oils of pine needles relieve psychological tension. Moreover, they are inherent with anti-cold and immunostimulating effect. Such a unique composition can hardly go unnoticed by physicians. Pine bath is a physiotherapeutic procedure that is often recommended as a supportive therapy or an effective preventive remedy.

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