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Pressure therapy


Pressure therapy is successfully applied in modern medicine. It is a mechanical massage which is also called compression massage, or pneumatic massage. The legs, arms, waist or hips of the patient are put in special hollow cuffs. Massage is given in a designated room by a qualified pressure therapist. A patient wears a pressure suit. Cuffs are placed on the suit, which is filled with air. When alternating high and low pressure in the cuffs, the suit creates waves that massage the patient’s muscles, venous and lymphatic vessels. This kind of massage is 15 times more effective than a usual massage. As any rejuvenating procedure, pressure therapy has some counter-indications. But first things first. Pressure therapy effect It results in vasorelaxation and activation of blood and lymph circulation in a patient's body. It stops fluid congestion in the body, including lymph congestion. Due to the latter effect, massage is also called lymph draining massage. However, pressure therapy has some counter-indications. The indications and counter-indications of compression massage are given below. Indications for pressure therapy (lymph draining massage) are as follows:

• cellulite;

• obesity;

• leg edema;

• varicose veins;

• heavy legs;

• sedentary lifestyle;

• strengthening blood vessels;

• diabetes;

• thrombosis;

• gout and arthritis;

• intestine metabolism disorders;

• stress.

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