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Dry carbon dioxide baths


Dry baths are aimed at improving the health of body and all its systems by taking advantage of beneficial properties of carbon dioxide. Demand for this procedure is due to the health properties of gas that has a sparing effect on the skin, as well as due to a low cost and simplicity of the procedure. The concept of dry carbon dioxide baths: Penetrating properties of CO2 provide for an easy and rapid flow to blood through pores, where it dissolves in plasma affecting not only major arteries and veins, but also the smallest capillaries. Carbon dioxide affects vascular walls and contributes to their expansion; blood flow in them is increased, and blood itself is thinned. After gas envelope procedure is completed, the upper limit of the therapeutic effect is reached. Treatment is given in courses with a break of 24 hours between sessions to consolidate the beneficial effect. The benefits of carbon dioxide baths for human body have been proven in practice. This method influences all the systems and organs of the human body. A wide range of health properties also includes positive effects on the heart. Dry baths improve the condition of blood vessels, which reduces the risk of thrombosis by half. Another health property is the effect on mental and physical stamina as dry baths improve memory and motion coordination.

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